Placing You at the Center of Where You Belong

If you are a working attorney who has distinguished yourself through academic and professional achievement, we invite you to meet and work with us to analyze and understand not only your “professional capital” but also your legal career aspirations in the context of current, relevant opportunities in the law firm and in-house market. With the foundation of that understanding of you as a professional and as a person, we deploy our experience and expertise to pursue compelling opportunities on your behalf. Ultimately, the majority of the attorneys we work with end up accepting such an opportunity, which we brought to and helped them obtain, to join a quality law firm or corporation or other organization that needs and wants them and helps them to realize their career objectives.


Making You More Complete

If you are a quality law firm or corporation or organization that needs or wants to bring on working attorneys, who have distinguished themselves academically and professionally, in order to deepen or expand your client service or organizational capability and strength, we invite you to meet and work with us. We invest our time and talent in you to develop a comprehensive understanding of not only your current professional needs, but also of your strategic objectives. With that shared understanding, we analyze our matrix of relationships in the context of the current marketplace to bring you experienced, talented attorneys whom we believe meet your needs and advance your objectives. We have a laudable track record of making our clients more complete by bringing them the accomplished attorneys they need and want to meet their current requirements and advance their strategic objectives, enabling them to collectively better compete and, indeed, thrive in the increasingly challenging market for sophisticated legal services.